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“Letting You Get Back to Your Business” VIPP Portal

Partner With Us and Earn Commissions

Join An Executive Level QuickBooks Solution Provider

VARC Solutions is an Executive level QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP). QSP’s offer clients innovative solutions and significant discounts on Intuit QuickBooks software, payroll, payments, and upgrades. In return, you earn commissions to grow your business.

For CPAs, Bookkeepers, ProAdvisors, IT/Managed Service Providers

If you are a CPA, QuickBooks consultant, ProAdvisor, Managed IT Services company, or other company working with Small Businesses that use QuickBooks, you are a perfect fit for our partner program.

In our program, you’ll get paid faster, with less up-front time and effort, and leave the “program details” to us.

Join the Best

VARC Solutions Incentive Partner Program (VIPP) has earned Intuit’s QSP Affiliate Partner of the Year Award.

VARC Solutions Partner Program Benefits

  • QuickBooks Solution Provider Status for YOUR Business
  • Monthly Commission Payments and Bounties
  • Opportunities for Sales Leads
  • Pre-Sales Assistance
  • Dedicated Intuit Account Representative
  • Support From Our Dedicated Partner Program Manager
  • Access Solutions for Clients Not Available to Individually
  • Provide Additional Services and Expertise to Your Clients
  • Product Sales Training and Education
  • Access to Our Partner Portal
  • Use of the VIPP Partner Logo
  • Partner Branded Content

Why Partner With Us?

  • Expand Your Services – Get More Clients
  • Earn Higher Commissions for Recommending QuickBooks
  • Create Another Revenue Stream
  • Let Us Worry About the Program, While You Focus on Your Clients
  • Access Special Bonus Incentives Not Available Elsewhere
  • Use QuickBooks Solution Provider Logo
  • Use VIPP Partner Logo
  • Match or Beat Big-Box-Retailer Pricing on QuickBooks

We Love Our Partners

Partner Testimonial

Being a member of the VIPP Program allows me access to solutions for my clients that would not normally be available to me individually.  Working with the team in the VIPP Program helps me to provide additional services and expertise that I do not possess as a sole proprietor even though I have over 20 years of experience working with Intuit products.  On top of all of that, I can earn commissions on products that I would normally just be recommending in the course of providing services to my clients.

Cindy Moore

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