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VARC Solutions is one of the country’s leading QuickBooks and Quick Base Solution Providers, striving to delight each and every one of our clients.

Customer Testimonial: Letting You Get Back To Your Business!

Recent Client Testimonials

Shelley Armato
Shelley Armato
August 4, 2023
Fabulous Service..!! Best in the business!
Kevin Lacey
Kevin Lacey
July 19, 2023
VARC Solutions is a vital partner in my small business! They are a tremendously valuable resources for providing support and solutions!! Brad and Robin and the entire staff are always looking for ways to help and support small accounting firms.
Leah Berger
Leah Berger
May 1, 2023
!!!!!!!1VARC SOLUTIONS is the greatest!!!!!! I am so happy to be part of the VIPP program and your team is a pleasure to work with. Their speedy response time is amazing and all of them are so friendly and competent. I am honored to work with you all.
Steve Wells
Steve Wells
May 1, 2023
As our company continues to be blessed with growth. VARC Solutions has streamlined our accounting processes. VARC has given us comfort, knowing that the back office is in line and running perfectly allowing us to deploy staff to focus on customer service and growth.
Tyler Cook
Tyler Cook
April 14, 2023
I was very overwhelmed trying to upgrade QuickBooks so we could run payroll in-house; all this technology and not sure exactly what had to be done. it was VERY helpful having VARC Solutions hold my hand to make this upgrade. That was a couple weeks ago; we ran our first payroll earlier this week... so simple, and saved the dreaded hours to process payroll the old way! I wish I did this a long time ago.
Lisa Sargent
Lisa Sargent
October 12, 2022
Angie did a great job helping us with QuickBooks. Her presentation was easy to follow and understand.
Jamee Dunn
Jamee Dunn
July 20, 2022
VARC is top of class! Robin Hall and her team are dedicated, smart, innovative, responsive, and truly a blessing to work with. I have referred them over a dozen times for projects large to small and they are always standing by to help. They actually care.


We get so busy at times, it’s often difficult to step back and appreciate efforts.  I personally want to thank you and your team for helping Sarvicus transition into what we will become tomorrow.  You have been a true advocate from day 1 and the connections you have provided are sure to propel the organization further.  People make differences, and you are making a difference.

Thank you!

Marc Packard
Sarvicus, LLC

We have been working with VARC Solutions for many years now. There is never a problem too big to solve, they always find a way to make it work! They are very patient throughout the process and work with us until it is fully functional. I would highly recommend their services!

The VARC team has helped me out quite a lot so far and I’ve only used them for several hours so far. They are very responsive and Angie and Annette could not be more pleasant to work with. After working with several QB specialists, I am happy to have found VARC!

Nancy is the Best help you can get!! So very knowledgeable on ANY THING I throw at her. So very helpful in any aspect of QuickBooks. Also does her work with complete courtesy and so VERY patient. Have worked with a lot of people over the years and she is tops period!! Even though at times I feel a bother, she is just patient and pleasant. It is a real comfort to know she is just a phone call away. My praises to her first, but with each of the girls who I have worked with on various jobs they are great. A wonder lady who owns that business also has the knowledge to pick the best people. Thank you. I would give them a 10 at least and that is rare, as I very rarely ever do that.

I wish I could give 10 stars! Simply outstanding to work with. They have been a huge support to our internal team and done amazing things we just didn’t have the expertise to do. Very happy with the service and looking forward to continued working with them.

The VARC Solutions team is amazing! They have helped us with our Quickbase and QuickBooks implementation and got us up and running within a week! They are super knowledgeable and make us feel like we’re their only client.

Using Q2QConnect has been pretty darn fluid. Using QuickBooks with Quickbase has been a night and day difference with accounting. This has allowed our team to focus on more impactful work and has kept Ready Cable from having to expand the team to keep up with the work.

Connecting Quickbase with QuickBooks through Q2QConnect has cut our invoicing time by 50%! We can now take that time and devote it to other valuable work.

VARC Solutions has been an integral part of building our internal accounting and project systems. The VARC Solutions team is extremely detail-oriented, and always handles our updates and issues with great care and prompt service.

For 34 years we hired a payroll service to handle our payroll. This year we decided to take it on ourselves since we already use QB. VARC was recommended to get us set up and trained. What a great recommendation that was! The transition into doing our own payroll was smooth and easy. They are very personable and professional!! I highly recommend them!

The VARC team is responsive to my needs that of my business. I feel fortunate that they introduced me to Quickbase and got me up and running. The best part of working with VARC is their ability to work seamlessly with my team and their varying levels of expertise and requests

Robin and her team are wonderful to work with and continue to help us improve our Quickbase applications.

We have been the benefactor of VARC Solutions excellent service for almost 4 years. Working with them has been a partnership, a seamless integration between our organization and theirs. When we have been in need of assistance it has been no different then if I contacted my internal IT department for help. All requests for development, updates, corrections are and have been handled in real-time, including our recent projects of adding more automation to our Quickbase tables. Would recommend VARC Solutions to any size organization as they truly work with their customers to solve problems and provide solutions. We would not be the company we are with the opportunities in front of us without the helping hand of the folks at VARC Solutions. Highly recommend and personal shout to Annette Banks who has been amazing to work with for almost 4 years. She makes the impossible possible

As a developer/integrator who had zero knowledge about QuickBooks when I approached VARC Solutions, Q2QConnect is set up in such a way that I didn’t need to have years of experience with QuickBooks in order to make this tool work miracles for us. Their installation guide and manual is very well documented, something I confidently relied on for clarification throughout setup and testing. We’re now able to process through thousands of line items across hundreds of invoices in a matter of minutes at the push of a button – all without any errors, typos, or omissions.

What an awesome team of people to have in our corner. They truly care about our work as much as we do. So patient and easy-going. Always ready to help solve any issue that comes up. I have learned so much from everyone at VARC especially Robin Hall. Fantastic people!!

Robin Hall and her crew literally saved my job. I asked my assistant to find the best consultant to help me put together our growing, complicated payroll and she found VARC. Robin’s expertise and her commitment to setting things right are unparalleled in the business. I called her in a panic and she assured me that we would get the set-up done. Her confident “I got you” assurance was sincere and obviously a part of her company’s business ethos because every single person on her team that I interacted with was exceptionally responsive and effective. I feel very fortunate to have found VARC. They’re stuck with me.

Streamline Imaging has a very unique business model and there wasn’t an off the shelf software solution as a result. We were also small start-up without the funds to hire developers and build a custom software solution. We decided to go with Quickbase. In the beginning, it was a great solution, as we grew and our business needs changed we needed customization’s that went beyond the scope of our limited IT abilities. This is where VARC comes into the picture and most importantly Annette Banks who has been a lifesaver on more occasions then I can count. She helped us build a custom 837 electronic billing format saving us thousands monthly if we had to use a clearinghouse. She helped us develop forms and custom reporting options that far exceeded our IT scope. The list is endless of the wild ideas we had and brought to her -not one of them was she not able to create a solution for. We are more than 3 years into working with VARC and Annette, Annette feels like a member of our Streamline family at this point. She is patient, creative, knowledgeable, her work ethic is admirable, I honestly cannot say enough nice things about this woman for how she has helped shape the direction of our business. I strongly recommend this vendor and Annette especially.

Our company has been working with VARC Solutions for the past three years. They have developed a sophisticated order and inventory management system for our business using Quickbase, which integrates seamlessly to our business systems. This application is a mission critical tool for our business and allows us to track our inventory from the moment procuts are ordered from our suppliers, through shipment, and into our warehouses all the way from suppliers in China and elsewhere. The sytem also manages all of our customer orders, for hundreds of SKU’s which are often customized during the order fulfillment process. This system manages our order shipments, where we often deal with single orders shipping to hundreds of locations, with complex billing requirements and multiple state sales tax integration. This custom solution has been indispensable to satisfying our customers requirements. Throughout the initial development and for the last three years the VARC team has been a great partner for us, to get the app up and running, and to make continuous improvements and additions to the system as our business has grown and our needs have gotten more complex. They have been with us all the way, and I can truly say they are a critical partner that helps us manage our business everyday.

With COVID-19, our business is plugging along in some uncertain times. VARC Solutions worked closely with us to navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan requirements/calcs/application and I am happy to say I was funded yesterday and was, in fact, the 2nd PPP SBA loan funded from my community bank. Ease of QuickBooks reporting was definitely a contributory factor for this win. Robin also made some key suggestions as to how to best track the funds in QuickBooks so that the loan is properly forgiven at the end of the 8-week term.

Our experience with VARC and the customization of Quickbase has been fabulous! The team has worked tirelessly with my company to figure out what each person wants to see in the finished product while ensuring they meet deadlines set by management. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable about the product. We are customizing Quickbase to be our Sales department Customer Relationship Management tool, timekeeping tool, project management tool, job costing tool, and inventory management tool all in one. This experience has been worth every penny!

Mary Vackar helped with what seemed to be the most difficult task for QuickBooks and my bank. I could not get my bank feeds to import and no one would tackle getting the issue solved, except Mary. It took hours upon hours and almost 30 days to get it resolved but, Mary NEVER GAVE UP! She took on the software programming team from the bank and QuickBooks. Mary is amazing and has always answered my calls when I am in need of help with any questions. I am forever a client, fan and now will be a spokesperson for VARC! The customer service and support you get from them are priceless. Thank you VARC and Mary for going over and beyond!!

The team is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks and Quickbase applications. They are very helpful in providing accounting services.

Robin and the staff at VARC are wonderful to work with on handling the bookkeeping needs for our small non-profit organization! They always go above & beyond in taking care of all financial the needs for the group. Also, Robin & Craig step up time after time to help out in the city & volunteer their talents whenever & wherever help is needed in the community!

(posted Google review on July 23, 2019)

Robin and the VARC team are always very prompt in getting back with you when you have any questions or need assistance with your applications. They are very knowledgeable and know Quickbase and Quick Books thoroughly. I have learned a tremendous amount from them. Plus they are always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone or any company with great confidence they would provide them with the very best of services.

Thanks to the amazing team at VARC, we’ve been able to move from a horrific pipeline on a shared google doc to a great user friendly CRM platform. Lauren and her team first took the time to understand our business and our needs and took that information to create a completely customized platform for Socialyte. Not only did she create a better pipeline, but we’ve been able to integrate our accounting process into QB as well. Our business is very particular and demanding of very specific things and the VARC team has never failed us with those request. We’ve been able to improve all of our processes, moving from using 10 different systems or shared sheets to having everything combined in one place. I could not be more thankful to this team for creating such a great platform for us. Our efficiency has doubled and we could not be happier!

Our experience with VARC has been amazing, the entire team is skilled and an absolute pleasure to work with. We were in need of a solution that would sync Quickbase items into our accounting software, Quickbooks. Not only is their add-on product great (Q2QConnect) but the team handled our concerns and project from start to finish in a professional and efficient manner. I highly recommend VARC. I should mention that we met VARC at the Empower conference, so this conference is an excellent resource for Quickbase users of all sizes to visit and meet great service partners like VARC to help elevate your business.

William is very attentive. I can email him to set me up an appointment to speak with someone and have a response within a few minutes and the appointment set at a time that is convenient for me. We have also made a few special requests and he has been able to assist without any issues. We do appreciate Varc and all the hard work and time they have put in helping us build the system out to suite our needs.

Having worked with other QB support, both in-house and third-party, we were impressed with the effectiveness of VARC’s team: sound thinking, customized solutions, and a can-do attitude that persisted from day one. While many vendors execute just fine, VARC tries to think through the problem and avoid time-consuming (and costly) mistakes by nudging our ideas to a better path. Where others would say you can’t do that, VARC would say “let me figure out how we can do that” or come up with an alternative solution. Timeliness and clarity of communication, transparency of timelines, and sharp insight are all qualities we continue to see from the VARC team. Through countless trials and errors, we’ve found an adaptable support team that tackles every challenge with pleasure. This is ultimately great customer service.

VARC Solutions took the time to discuss, develop, and implement all of our needs and wants while at the same time solving out daily pain-points we were experiencing. VARC has been with us every stop of the wast, and as out processes have changed, their development followed suit. We highly recommend VARC Solutions and Quickbase to any business looking to optimize their organization.

The folks at VARC are always coming to the rescue with a smile. No matter who we get in touch with, they’re more than happy to find us quick answers and set us in the right direction. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

I selected VARC Solutions to create a CRM in Quickbase from other competing solutions including Robin did an outstanding job creating a customized solution! I would highly recommend VARC for this type of application.

I have been working with Robin on Quickbase for about a year. Whenever I have questions or need revisions done, she goes above and beyond. Late nights are a regular schedule for Robin as she delivers quality and timely results. I love working with Robin and appreciate her dedication to my company and those that I work with.

We started knowing that we needed a database to help organize our growing business – but that was all we knew. We found Quickbase and a lot of other options, but the important thing for us as a local business was the ability to sit down and meet face-to-face. VARC had local staff which is a lot more personal than the typical dot-com solution. Lauren was our go-to and did a great job for us. Rather than a typical dog-and-pony web-meeting, Lauren came to our office and was genuinely interested in our business and wanted to know how we intended to use the data on the back end so she could design the database right — the first time. We met once and were able to make our decision quickly.

VARC got a beta version up and running within 10 days and we’re thrilled! They were easy to communicate with and quick to add functionality when we needed it. Throughout the process, they’ve demonstrated a “teach us to fish” attitude so that we’ll know how to create and modify reports or add a field when we need it. Nevertheless, I know I’ll always have a team to help us when we get stuck.

VARC worked shoulder to shoulder with me and my team to ensure the database worked correctly and all reports were generated as needed. It was great working with her on this project and I look forward to her assistance in the future.

We engaged VARC upon our purchase of Quickbase, and their consulting services have been instrumental in the success of our project. If we did not have their services, I am certain the project would not be as successful as it has been. Their team is always very responsive with communication and results. Very happy we have them as our service provider.

We were in search of a more tailored timekeeping solution as well as the development of a human resource information system (HRIS) that would integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks (our accounting/payroll platform). It was paramount that our HR system would transform our manual/paper hiring and on-boarding process to an electronic one that would integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. After much research, we discovered VARC Solutions, talked on the phone, and started working together. We left feeling confident that we could develop a tailored solution at a reasonable price and take our timekeeping and HR systems to the next level. VARC’s expertise in integrating with QuickBooks was an absolute game changer. We do the vast majority of our hiring remotely with a most of our contracts in other states. Our system now allows us to centrally do it from Virginia all through our hiring portal.

As our business has grown, we have been able to keep our internal staff at the same size partly due to Q2QConnect. It has saved us from having to hire additional employees. We are able to have multiple people enter items into QuickBase, and have our accounting department open up Q2Q to push the invoices into QuickBooks. Q2Q has eliminated double entry and significantly reduced the chance for human error.

We engaged VARC upon our purchase of Quickbase, and their consulting services have been instrumental in the success of our project. If we did not have their services, I am certain the project would not be as successful as it has been. Their team is always very responsive with communication and results. Very happy we have them as our service provider.

Annette was great!!! Very knowledgeable about Quickbase. No was never an answer from her, she would find a way around every issue. Will use her again.

When it come’s to software support Robin Hall is the best I’ve ever dealt with. Her knowledge of Quickbooks and ability to “virtually” come to my office makes the accounting tasks associated with running my business much easier. Very cost effective as well, since you’ve got an expert on staff so to speak that you’re not paying full time.

Robin and the VARC staff often have forethought and solutions for my business that I would have not likely found on my own. This is because of their breadth of knowledge, resources and continued quest to understand my core business. VARC is an invaluable partner to Absolute Drywall Service and I look forward to many more shared wins with them.

Robin helped our company upgrade to a better version of QuickBooks. Her expertise with the software and her vast knowledge of business organization has been a terrific help. We look forward to working with her in the future.

“Quickbooks Enterprise makes such a difference with our manufacturing and inventory control. The user interface makes sense. The layout is easy on the eyes. And it handles our large customer base like a dream.”

“Great program with so many report options. Perfect for my business – for printing checks, invoicing, generating 1099s, exporting documents to Excel, and so much more. The few times I have needed help, customer service was terrific. I’d be lost without QuickBooks!”

“The system is very user friendly and I like the ability to kit build. It helps keep my inventory straight.”

“Love that it is easy to use and I can have all my company bookkeeping in one place. I don’t have to toggle between software to get the bottom line of where my company stands, it’s all in one place.”

“I love your support team. Whenever I have an issue they are always available with the information needed to fix my issues. I also love the ease of setting up the chart of accounts and the ease of creating custom reports then save them for later use. I am happy that the team listens to our needs and adds new features which allow us to make tracking our business growth in a positive way. I love using QuickBooks and discovering and learning new things all the time. It is a great product for our small business.”

“After using multiple softwares throughout different companies ranging from $50K to multi-million dollar companies, QuickBooks Enterprise is still my favorite due to ease of use, great customer support, and great payroll functionality.”

VARC is a valued member of the Intuit Solution Provider Program and has a proven track record of successfully working with customers and going the extra mile in understanding their needs. Robin and her team take a personal interest in their clients and respective businesses. They are a best in class partner that specializes in crafting specific solutions that will solve customer challenges and help to take their businesses to the next level.”

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