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Executive Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider

Is Your QuickBooks File a “Hot Mess”?

Our 48-point file review will identify errors and performance improvements, and ensure you have accurate reports for making better business decisions.

Accurate Reports for Better Business Decisions

  • Ensure financial statements are set up accurately
  • Verify reports are up-to-date
  • Evaluate your Chart of Accounts setup for optimal reporting
  • Assess trends and advise on KPI/Reporting Dashboards
  • We’ll verify your books are current!

Identify Data Entry Errors
and Omissions

  • Identify mistakes you aren’t aware of
  • Review for missing or duplicate transactions
  • Review Items for proper account mapping
  • We’re Your 2nd Pair of Eyes on Your Books!

Improve Performance/Process Efficiency

  • Make sure you’re in the right QuickBooks, with Maintenance releases applied
  • Review and recommend 3rd party apps to improve efficiency
  • Verify backup process is in place to prevent data disasters
  • Best practices for performance improvement
  • We’ll make sure QuickBooks is running like a well-oiled machine

Avoid Costly Fees/Penalties

  • Make sure your sales taxes are being paid correctly and on time
  • Verify your payroll taxes are being paid and recorded properly
  • Identify gaps in staff training/usage that are putting you at risk
  • We’ll minimize the risk of costly tax/audit related expenses

What You Get:

  • Comprehensive QuickBooks Health Report
  • Action Plan for Cleanup, Training, and Other Improvements
  • QuickBooks peace of mind
  • You can act on the report or have our team implement the cleanup plan at our hourly consulting rates


  • Our 48-point comprehensive file review process is $795 and includes all of the above PLUS a 30-minute debrief and up to 2 hours of cleanup and training

All work is confidential and completed by our local Expert Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Maximize your QuickBooks investment and avoid costly fees and penalties. QuickBooks peace of mind…for only $795.

Our 48-Point QuickBooks File Review Includes:

Reviewing Account Balances for Red FlagsReview Vendor ListIdentify Paid Sales Tax
Review Chart of AccountsReview Vendor 1099 ReportReview Sales Tax Balance
Identify Unapplied Customer PaymentsReview Accounts Payables (Open Bills vs Balance Sheet A/P)Review Payroll Items
Identify Unapplied Customer CreditsIdentify Unapplied Vendor PaymentsIdentify Incorrectly Paid Payroll Liabilities
Proper Use of Undeposited Funds Account/BalanceIdentify Unapplied Vendor CreditsRun Payroll Check Up
Review Customer/Jobs ListReview AP Aging ReportReview File for Integrity Issues
Review Accounts Receivables (Open Invoices vs Balance Sheet A/R)Review Fixed Assets and Depreciation EntriesReview Employee Default Settings
Review AR Aging ReportReview Current Assets and Reconciliations, BalancesReview Employee Loans or Advances, Reimbursements
Verify Bank ReconciliationsReview Other Assets or ReceivablesVerify Closing Date and Password Status
Verify CC Account ReconciliationsReview Inventory Item Receipts vs BillsReview QuickBooks Preferences
Locate Bank Reconciliation DiscrepanciesReview Items (Products & Services)Profit & Loss Review
Review Missing ChecksReview Inventory Valuation vs Balance SheetBalance Sheet Review
Review Uncleared Checks/DepositsIdentify Negative Inventory ValuesRun Financial Statements
Review Uncleared CC EntriesReview Pending AssembliesReview Liability Accounts
Review Consistent Use of Class TrackingReview Consistent Use of Location Tracking (QBO)Review Equity Accounts
Review File SizeReview # TargetsReview DB File Fragments

All this for $795 Per Review. Or subscribe to Quarterly Reviews for $2,995/Year which includes Year-End Documents for your CPA.

All reviews include a 30-minute client debrief and up to 2 hours of cleanup and training. 

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