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You Want Quickbase, but NOT the 20 User Minimum! We can help…

Our Small Team Accounts Start with as Few as 2 Users

You get all the benefits of your own “Team” account, at a lower monthly out of pocket, with NO long term commitment, and NO required maintenance contract.

If you don’t expect to ever need more than 10 users, we will save you money. And if your plans change, you can ALWAYS migrate to your own dedicated Quickbase account later…and take your Apps with you.

What’s Included

  • Transfer of any Existing Apps to our VARC Realm
  • Transfer Apps back to your own dedicated account later if desired
  • Provisioning of Users (Admin or Participant Roles)
  • Admin access to your applications
  • Up to 5 Applications
  • Internal (Quickbase to Quickbase) Pipelines: Free
  • Access to our Quickbase Expert Builders (Billed Hourly at $175/hr)
  • Perfect if you need to put your application in “cold” storage
  • Same Quickbase Platform, “Team” Tier, on VARC Realm

Request a Quickbase Small Team Account

Monthly Fees

  • $160/mo for up to 2 users
  • $70/user/mo for 3 or more users
  • External Pipelines: $300/mo per account
  • Juiced Tools/Add-Ons: Call for Quote
  • All fees billed monthly
  • Save 10% with Annual Billing

One-Time Fees

  • $350 – Includes App Transfer & Initial User Provisioning
  • $175/hr – Reconnecting Pipelines or Existing Integrations (Normally 2-3 hours per Pipeline/Integration)
Expert Builder Certified Badge

Additional VARC Services

  • Quickbase Development: $175/hr
  • QuickBooks Consulting, Training, Maintenance: $175/hr
  • Q2QConnect/Integration Consulting: $175/hr

Call for Quote

  • Quickbase Integration
  • Avalara Integration
  • QuickBooks Time Integration
  • Juiced Tools Integration (Exact Forms Plus, Courier, Docusign, etc)
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