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Q2QConnect Meet the Award Winning VARC Solutions Team

If you want to connect Quick Base with QuickBooks, this is your solution!

VARC Solutions has developed the only Quick Base to QuickBooks Integration tool that easily syncs customers, items, estimates, invoices, bills, and more…between Quick Base and QuickBooks!

Q2QConnect connects Quick Base to QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) providing end-to-end workflow management without the hassle of double work or costly mistakes when copying data.

Executive Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider

Connect to YOUR QuickBooks in Minutes

Setup is easy as one, two, three.

In less than 10 minutes you can map and import Customers, Jobs, Vendors, Timesheets, Sales
Orders and Item Receipts into QuickBooks from Quick Base. With a few more clicks you can
sync Employee and Item data from QuickBooks into Quick Base.

Q2QConnect Benefits

The ONLY integration tool that ANY user can configure for Quick Base & QuickBooks Desktop!

Easy Set Up and Running in Minutes

End to End Workflow Management without the hassle of double work or costly mistakes!

Affordably Priced

Expert Support when you need it!

Use QuickBooks Online?

We can also help you connect Quick Base with QuickBooks Online Edition.

Contact Us for details.

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Download the latest User Guide to help with installation and configuration.

VersionRelease DateRelease Notes
  • Added Multi User Configuration for Local Machine or Hosting Machine
  • Added Terms and FOB fields to Purchase Orders
  • Added Due Date field to Estimates
  • Added New Transactions: Bill Credit, Credit Card Charge, Credit Card Credit, Invoice Paid Status, Bill Paid Status
  • Added Due Date and Currency fields to Sales Orders
  • Added Currency field to Invoices
  • Added CC Email Address to Customers, Jobs (2nd level customers), and Vendors
  • Fixed a bug where Estimate Ship To Addresses were being overwritten even if the fields were not mapped
  • Solved an issue where Sync ID on Payments not coming over consistently
  • Add the ability to use a “-“ character in transaction numbering (e.g. ABC-123)
  • Added CC Email Address to Customers, Jobs (e.g. 2nd level customers), and Vendors
  • Fixed OK To Send on Single Level Customers.
  • Added Currency and Exchange Rate on Customers, Vendors, and Bills
  • Added/Fixed sync of Currency & Exchange Rate after updating Invoices exchange rate in QuickBooks.
  • Fixed intermittent crashing issues when syncing Bills with multiple customer lines included in sync. Fixed Payments not updating Q2Q ListID in Quick Base.
  • Added Sync for Date Paid, Amount Paid on Invoices, Credit Memos, and Bills. Added Purchase Order Template mapping.
  • Added Search for Estimates, Sales Orders, Credit Memos, Payments, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Bills. Note: Search not available on lists or Timesheets
  • Added Sync Back to Base for all transactions, based on Qty change. Payments Sync Back if deleted from Books
  • Added Invoice Sync Back to Base
  • Added List Filters for Active/Inactive
  • Fixed Invoice paid status for line-item detail
  • Added Payments Sync
  • Added Items Sync for the Preferred Vendor and Manufacturer’s Part Number fields.
  • Added Invoice Paid Status
  • Added Customer Name search on Customers screen and Invoices Screen
  • Added Line Item Sync for Invoices and Credit Memos
  • Added paid status for Invoices and Credit Memos

QuickBooks & Quick Base Expert Support

VARC Solutions has been a trusted Solution Provider of QuickBooks and Quick Base products and services for over 20 years, having won Intuit’s prestigious Partner of the Year Award and Sales Achievement Award. TeamVARC has also been awarded the MVP Land Award for bringing in the most new Quick Base accounts as well Quick Base’s Services MVP of the Year. VARC Solutions can also assist you in setting up your QuickBooks or Quick Base in the most efficient manner. Additional products and services are also available adding additional functionality to your QuickBooks and/or Quick Base solution.

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