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“Letting You Get Back to Your Business” VIPP Portal

We have been working with VARC Solutions for many years now. There is never a problem too big to solve, they always find a way to make it work! They are very patient throughout the process and work with us until it is fully functional. I would highly recommend their services!

Nancy is the Best help you can get!! So very knowledgeable on ANY THING I throw at her. So very helpful in any aspect of QuickBooks. Also does her work with complete courtesy and so VERY patient. Have worked with a lot of people over the years and she is tops period!! Even though at times I feel a bother, she is just patient and pleasant. It is a real comfort to know she is just a phone call away. My praises to her first, but with each of the girls who I have worked with on various jobs they are great. A wonder lady who owns that business also has the knowledge to pick the best people. Thank you. I would give them a 10 at least and that is rare, as I very rarely ever do that.

The VARC Solutions team is amazing! They have helped us with our Quickbase and QuickBooks implementation and got us up and running within a week! They are super knowledgeable and make us feel like we’re their only client.

For 34 years we hired a payroll service to handle our payroll. This year we decided to take it on ourselves since we already use QB. VARC was recommended to get us set up and trained. What a great recommendation that was! The transition into doing our own payroll was smooth and easy. They are very personable and professional!! I highly recommend them!

As a developer/integrator who had zero knowledge about QuickBooks when I approached VARC Solutions, Q2QConnect is set up in such a way that I didn’t need to have years of experience with QuickBooks in order to make this tool work miracles for us. Their installation guide and manual is very well documented, something I confidently relied on for clarification throughout setup and testing. We’re now able to process through thousands of line items across hundreds of invoices in a matter of minutes at the push of a button – all without any errors, typos, or omissions.

What an awesome team of people to have in our corner. They truly care about our work as much as we do. So patient and easy-going. Always ready to help solve any issue that comes up. I have learned so much from everyone at VARC especially Robin Hall. Fantastic people!!

Robin Hall and her crew literally saved my job. I asked my assistant to find the best consultant to help me put together our growing, complicated payroll and she found VARC. Robin’s expertise and her commitment to setting things right are unparalleled in the business. I called her in a panic and she assured me that we would get the set-up done. Her confident “I got you” assurance was sincere and obviously a part of her company’s business ethos because every single person on her team that I interacted with was exceptionally responsive and effective. I feel very fortunate to have found VARC. They’re stuck with me.

With COVID-19, our business is plugging along in some uncertain times. VARC Solutions worked closely with us to navigate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan requirements/calcs/application and I am happy to say I was funded yesterday and was, in fact, the 2nd PPP SBA loan funded from my community bank. Ease of QuickBooks reporting was definitely a contributory factor for this win. Robin also made some key suggestions as to how to best track the funds in QuickBooks so that the loan is properly forgiven at the end of the 8-week term.

Mary Vackar helped with what seemed to be the most difficult task for QuickBooks and my bank. I could not get my bank feeds to import and no one would tackle getting the issue solved, except Mary. It took hours upon hours and almost 30 days to get it resolved but, Mary NEVER GAVE UP! She took on the software programming team from the bank and QuickBooks. Mary is amazing and has always answered my calls when I am in need of help with any questions. I am forever a client, fan and now will be a spokesperson for VARC! The customer service and support you get from them are priceless. Thank you VARC and Mary for going over and beyond!!

“Quickbooks Enterprise makes such a difference with our manufacturing and inventory control. The user interface makes sense. The layout is easy on the eyes. And it handles our large customer base like a dream.”

“Great program with so many report options. Perfect for my business – for printing checks, invoicing, generating 1099s, exporting documents to Excel, and so much more. The few times I have needed help, customer service was terrific. I’d be lost without QuickBooks!”

“The system is very user friendly and I like the ability to kit build. It helps keep my inventory straight.”

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