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“Letting You Get Back to Your Business” VIPP Portal

Our company has been working with VARC Solutions for the past three years. They have developed a sophisticated order and inventory management system for our business using Quickbase, which integrates seamlessly to our business systems. This application is a mission critical tool for our business and allows us to track our inventory from the moment procuts are ordered from our suppliers, through shipment, and into our warehouses all the way from suppliers in China and elsewhere. The sytem also manages all of our customer orders, for hundreds of SKU’s which are often customized during the order fulfillment process. This system manages our order shipments, where we often deal with single orders shipping to hundreds of locations, with complex billing requirements and multiple state sales tax integration. This custom solution has been indispensable to satisfying our customers requirements. Throughout the initial development and for the last three years the VARC team has been a great partner for us, to get the app up and running, and to make continuous improvements and additions to the system as our business has grown and our needs have gotten more complex. They have been with us all the way, and I can truly say they are a critical partner that helps us manage our business everyday.

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