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“Letting You Get Back to Your Business” VIPP Portal

Streamline Imaging has a very unique business model and there wasn’t an off the shelf software solution as a result. We were also small start-up without the funds to hire developers and build a custom software solution. We decided to go with Quickbase. In the beginning, it was a great solution, as we grew and our business needs changed we needed customization’s that went beyond the scope of our limited IT abilities. This is where VARC comes into the picture and most importantly Annette Banks who has been a lifesaver on more occasions then I can count. She helped us build a custom 837 electronic billing format saving us thousands monthly if we had to use a clearinghouse. She helped us develop forms and custom reporting options that far exceeded our IT scope. The list is endless of the wild ideas we had and brought to her -not one of them was she not able to create a solution for. We are more than 3 years into working with VARC and Annette, Annette feels like a member of our Streamline family at this point. She is patient, creative, knowledgeable, her work ethic is admirable, I honestly cannot say enough nice things about this woman for how she has helped shape the direction of our business. I strongly recommend this vendor and Annette especially.

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