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We get so busy at times, it’s often difficult to step back and appreciate efforts.  I personally want to thank you and your team for helping Sarvicus transition into what we will become tomorrow.  You have been a true advocate from day 1 and the connections you have provided are sure to propel the organization further.  People make differences, and you are making a difference.

Thank you!

Marc Packard
Sarvicus, LLC

We have been working with VARC Solutions for many years now. There is never a problem too big to solve, they always find a way to make it work! They are very patient throughout the process and work with us until it is fully functional. I would highly recommend their services!

I wish I could give 10 stars! Simply outstanding to work with. They have been a huge support to our internal team and done amazing things we just didn’t have the expertise to do. Very happy with the service and looking forward to continued working with them.

The VARC Solutions team is amazing! They have helped us with our Quickbase and QuickBooks implementation and got us up and running within a week! They are super knowledgeable and make us feel like we’re their only client.

Using Q2QConnect has been pretty darn fluid. Using QuickBooks with Quickbase has been a night and day difference with accounting. This has allowed our team to focus on more impactful work and has kept Ready Cable from having to expand the team to keep up with the work.

Connecting Quickbase with QuickBooks through Q2QConnect has cut our invoicing time by 50%! We can now take that time and devote it to other valuable work.

VARC Solutions has been an integral part of building our internal accounting and project systems. The VARC Solutions team is extremely detail-oriented, and always handles our updates and issues with great care and prompt service.

The VARC team is responsive to my needs that of my business. I feel fortunate that they introduced me to Quickbase and got me up and running. The best part of working with VARC is their ability to work seamlessly with my team and their varying levels of expertise and requests

Robin and her team are wonderful to work with and continue to help us improve our Quickbase applications.

We have been the benefactor of VARC Solutions excellent service for almost 4 years. Working with them has been a partnership, a seamless integration between our organization and theirs. When we have been in need of assistance it has been no different then if I contacted my internal IT department for help. All requests for development, updates, corrections are and have been handled in real-time, including our recent projects of adding more automation to our Quickbase tables. Would recommend VARC Solutions to any size organization as they truly work with their customers to solve problems and provide solutions. We would not be the company we are with the opportunities in front of us without the helping hand of the folks at VARC Solutions. Highly recommend and personal shout to Annette Banks who has been amazing to work with for almost 4 years. She makes the impossible possible

As a developer/integrator who had zero knowledge about QuickBooks when I approached VARC Solutions, Q2QConnect is set up in such a way that I didn’t need to have years of experience with QuickBooks in order to make this tool work miracles for us. Their installation guide and manual is very well documented, something I confidently relied on for clarification throughout setup and testing. We’re now able to process through thousands of line items across hundreds of invoices in a matter of minutes at the push of a button – all without any errors, typos, or omissions.

Streamline Imaging has a very unique business model and there wasn’t an off the shelf software solution as a result. We were also small start-up without the funds to hire developers and build a custom software solution. We decided to go with Quickbase. In the beginning, it was a great solution, as we grew and our business needs changed we needed customization’s that went beyond the scope of our limited IT abilities. This is where VARC comes into the picture and most importantly Annette Banks who has been a lifesaver on more occasions then I can count. She helped us build a custom 837 electronic billing format saving us thousands monthly if we had to use a clearinghouse. She helped us develop forms and custom reporting options that far exceeded our IT scope. The list is endless of the wild ideas we had and brought to her -not one of them was she not able to create a solution for. We are more than 3 years into working with VARC and Annette, Annette feels like a member of our Streamline family at this point. She is patient, creative, knowledgeable, her work ethic is admirable, I honestly cannot say enough nice things about this woman for how she has helped shape the direction of our business. I strongly recommend this vendor and Annette especially.

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