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QBase certification

Building a Quick Base application starts as an idea.

Your business wants to fix a problem, make internal processes operate more efficiently, or track customer interactions more efficiently.  In today’s environment, your data is the lifeblood of your business, and your Quick Base is the tool that collates that data and turns it into productive information.

Success in business does not happen by accident.
Directed, determined efforts produce results.

With Quick Base, businesses gain greater insight into their performance, achieve higher levels of productivity, and find new sources of competitive advantage.  VARC Solutions will work with you to build a Quick Base application that moves your business forward, and empowers you to realize your goals and reach your greatest potential.

QBase Apps

VARC Solutions is dedicated to providing each client with a personal experience that meets every need.

We have built across a wide spectrum of applications that run from simple database solutions to elaborate full application builds. 

Having experience in multiple industries allows the VARC team to quickly understand, take action, and develop customized Quick Base applications for their clients.

Quick Base Case Studies

Quadmark Case Study

Case Study – Quadmark

Brief History Quadmark, established in 1999, is an international consulting firm with consultants globally spread out to help their clients improve their everyday business processes. Quadmark makes companies successful by inspiring transformation and helping people to perform. They put some of the best minds in their industry to work, pushing productivity through training and coaching, sales enablement and business consulting. Quadmark's Dilemma Quadmark’s international growth brought challenges across the organization, resulting in ineffective communication between groups across multiple time-zones and locations.  Their use ofspreadsheets and text documents could not accommodate the size and complexity of their projects; with their business specific processes, their need for ease of accessibility, and their global client base, they needed a platform that was very specific. Quick Base and VARC Solutions were able to completely fulfill all of their needs and more; Quick Base is a cloud-based platform allowing Quadmark to access their information from anywhere, VARC Solutions created a comprehensive project management system that is user friendly, and VARC Solutions built all of Quadmark's business-specific needs, including an integration…

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CB Partners case study 1

Case Study – CBPartners

Brief History CBPartners was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide pharmaceutical companies with recommendations on increasing patient access to crucial medicines around the world.  They serve a variety of clients ranging from global pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies to ministries of health in emerging markets.  Their experiences span the entire lifecycle from discovery/development, through licensing and product launch, to government policy development.  Their US operations are run out of New York City and San Francisco.  London, UK is their European regional hub, and Asian engagements are anchored in Shanghai, China.

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Socialyte Case Study

Case Study – Socialyte

Brief History Founded by Beca Alexander, Socialyte has spent the last decade helping brands identify and establish relationships with top influencers and content creators. Campaigns are crafted to realize predicted reach and engagement goals, ensuring the success of each and every one of their influencer programs. The 20 person bi-coastal team has built campaigns for elite brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Bottega Venta, and Grey Goose vodka. Challenge Socialyte experienced an average of 40% growth each year, however the systems they had in place were not moving at a super-fast pace. They were using Google Docs to run their entire business. Their reports lacked detail, which made it difficult for them to get an idea of how their business was actually doing. After looking at their competitors and seeing what systems they were using, nothing made sense. Because they are in such a niche market, it was very difficult to find a system that would work for them. After a long time of looking, Socialyte came across Quick Base, which met all of the…

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Center Drill Case Study 1

Case Study – Center Drill Inc

Brief History Center Drill was established in 1991 by the current President Tommy Moses. From 1991 to 2007 Moses ran the entire company by himself, and did EVERYTHING by hand in the office. This includes repairing, building and renting out oilfield drilling tools, along with running the business. In November of 2007 Francie Vance was hired to start helping with the office activities, and then additional team members, Marc and Star, not too far after. At that time, all of the accounting and inventory tasks were done manually. The inventory was actually done on an Excel spreadsheet that began when Center Drill was first started. Francie and Star decided that Center Drill needed to find an efficient and effective solution to the time consuming process that was implemented at that time. Center Drill Waves a White Flag! Client entered critical data into Excel for years. The program crashed twice and both times multiple years of history had to be recreated. Clients wanted to see history of inspection/repair work. Clients were unable to import copies of…

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Avmac LLC case study 1

Case Study – AVMAC L.L.C.

A Brief History AVMAC was founded in 2009 by two former Naval Aviation Maintenance Officers, Bert Ortiz and Don Buzard, who collectively have more than six decades of experience assigned to, or directly supporting, both carrier and amphibious aviation. They were joined by Ron Stebbins who has a similar resume also serving over 30 years as a Naval Aviation Maintenance Officer. AVMAC’s corporate staff and leadership team all enjoy similar backgrounds and experience which make it a highly knowledgeable force multiplier to their customer base. The company prides itself on hiring, recruiting and training veterans as it continues to serve the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and commercial customers. We focus on aviation and aviation shipboard related government contracts that currently support various customers in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and the Maritime Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation). Emergency Landing… Issue Dire need of an electronic system to send contracts Contracts sent manually on paper and wait weeks for a response Lacking a proper Human Resource Management System that is customized to their business…

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Absolute case study 1

Case Study – Absolute Drywall

About Absolute Drywall Absolute Drywall Service, located in Pearland, Texas, is a fastgrowing drywall installation company that primarily partners with national residential homebuilders in Texas. The company was founded four years ago and has grown rapidly due its focus on high quality work and customer service. Challenge Real time tracking of field employees, both their hours and their location Project Management Language barrier between independent contractors and the organization with internal systems Solution VARC Solutions developed a mobile app that allows field technicians to easliy enter data while on site via a custom mobile interface and that data is reported back to Quick Base. This mobile app was created in both English and Spanish and translates the information when transferred from the mobile app to Quick Base. End Result Since deploying Absolute Mobile, management has significantly reduced the number of hand-written timesheets. With less paperwork to track and verify, management can focus more energy on other areas of the business. As an added bonus, GPS coordinates are attached to each timesheet, so managers can verify…

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