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Case Study – Quadmark

Brief History

Quadmark, established in 1999, is an international consulting firm with consultants globally spread out to help their clients improve their everyday business processes. Quadmark makes companies successful by inspiring transformation and helping people to perform. They put some of the best minds in their industry to work, pushing productivity through training and coaching, sales enablement and business consulting.

Quadmark’s Dilemma

Quadmark’s international growth brought challenges across the organization, resulting in ineffective communication between groups across multiple time-zones and locations.  Their use ofspreadsheets and text documents could not accommodate the size and complexity of their projects; with their business specific processes, their need for ease of accessibility, and their global client base, they needed a platform that was very specific. Quick Base and VARC Solutions were able to completely fulfill all of their needs and more; Quick Base is a cloud-based platform allowing Quadmark to access their information from anywhere, VARC Solutions created a comprehensive project management system that is user friendly, and VARC Solutions built all of Quadmark’s business-specific needs, including an integration with QuickBooks using the Q2QConnect Tool. 

VARC’s Solution

  • Quoting projects with multiple phases with sales now documented and automated; easier for the staff to see whole project with profit margins
  • Restructured project management application so proposal would move into a project, passing along the contractual rates and project specific details
  • Project management section tracks project budget allowing for a high-level view for project managers
  • After project managers determine the progress of the project, the invoice amount is auto calculated and moved to QuickBooks using Q2QConnect
  • Created timesheets tool within application to track time and differentiate between billable and non-billable
  • Project managers gauge their productivity based on hours working compared to their average
  • Project managers assign tasks to associates, automatically incorporating all project details and specifying task’s priority and due date
  • Allows for reimbursable expenses to be tracked, approved, and reimbursed

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