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Brief History

CBPartners was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide pharmaceutical companies with recommendations on increasing patient access to crucial medicines around the world. They serve a variety of clients ranging from global pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies to ministries of health in emerging markets.  Their experiences span the entire lifecycle from discovery/development, through licensing and product launch, to government policy development.  Their US operations are run out of New York City and San Francisco.  London, UK is their European regional hub, and Asian engagements are anchored in Shanghai, China.


Dilemma: unscalable systems, redundant processes, need for automation, managing projects and resource assignments


Updated and organized Employee Recruitment application Automated the communications and approval processes Standardized and automated the hiring process Created a “Lead-to-Project” process Designed a Project Management tool that tracks entire project from start to finish Integrated existing finance application with the Project Management tool


Having worked with other QB support, both in-house and third-party, we were impressed with the effectiveness of VARC’s team: sound thinking, customized solutions, and a can-do attitude that persisted from day one. Where others would say “you can’t do that”, VARC would say “let me figure out how we can do that” or come up with an alternative solution. This is ultimately great customer service. Sam Foner


automated processing, saved time, cut downtime, increased accuracy, payments processed in a timely manner, eliminated duplicate data entry


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