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Brief History

Scope Management Solutions LTD, founded in 2004 by co-owner Dean Richardson, improves audit and materials-management processes for industrial companies. As an independent integrator, their team has over 40 years of combined materials management industry experience. Their primary focus is helping customers take control of their material management systems. Scope Management Solutions leverages VARC Solutions as a financial and business best practices consultant.

Scope’s Challenge

  • Successful growth required managing employees at numerous job sites
  • Inconsistent processes at different job sites was lowering productivity
  • Need for better visibility for project management and daily operations
  • Scope needed a scalable, nimble platform to keep up with their growth

VARC’s Solution

  • VARC Solutions created a web-based, enterprise management tool
  • Understand, create, and systematically enforce standard processes across the organization
  • Our scalable platform provides easy access to team members at various work locations
  • The application we built provides dashboard reporting unique to each site, project management and activity tracking, job costing, asset tracking, and contract document generation


  • Implementing standardized, company-wide practices has increased productivity 15%
  • Utilizing Quick Base across all sites has increased management oversight of processes and procedures
  • Streamlining activities has created a robust time savings in daily operations
  • Real-time project status visibility across job sites has improved customer satisfaction
  • New business has been generated through satisfied client referrals
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