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Case Study – Center Drill Inc

Brief History

Center Drill was established in 1991 by the current President Tommy Moses. From 1991 to 2007 Moses ran the entire company by himself, and did EVERYTHING by hand in the office. This includes repairing, building and renting out oilfield drilling tools, along with running the business. In November of 2007 Francie Vance was hired to start helping with the office activities, and then additional team members, Marc and Star, not too far after. At that time, all of the accounting and inventory tasks were done manually. The inventory was actually done on an Excel spreadsheet that began when Center Drill was first started. Francie and Star decided that Center Drill needed to find an efficient and effective solution to the time consuming process that was implemented at that time.

Center Drill Waves a White Flag!

  • Client entered critical data into Excel for years. The program crashed twice and both times multiple years of history had to be recreated.
  • Clients wanted to see history of inspection/repair work.
  • Clients were unable to import copies of inspections and/or repair reports into excel; clients had to manually go through all inspections in order to locate the requested information, and then make a copy.
  • Access to how many times a tool was rented


VARC Solutions to the Rescue!

  • Created an inventory management system within Quick Base.
  • Attachments for inspection reports and repair work are automatically created and stored for easy access. This takes away the manual, time consuming process of finding papers that would take hours.
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities allowing for a better understanding of the business overall.



“To this very day, it is still one of the best business decisions this company has ever made. I will never forget the first few visits with Robin and her assurance to me that with the “homework” she gave us done correctly, we would be able to complete tasks that normally took us hours, in minutes. Did I believe her… no. Did it happen as she said it would… you bet it did!”

~ Francie Vance

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