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A Brief History

AVMAC was founded in 2009 by two former Naval Aviation Maintenance Officers, Bert Ortiz and Don Buzard. Bert and Don, along with Ron Stebbins, have over 90 years of combined experience in carrier and amphibious aviation.

AVMAC prides itself on hiring, recruiting and training veterans with similar aviation backgrounds. The company serves the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and the Maritime Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation), along with commercial customers, focusing on aviation and aviation shipboard related government contracts.

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The Issues – Emergency Landing

  • Manual/paper contracts and waiting weeks for a response
  • No Human Resource Management System unique suited to the aviation consulting industry
  • Lots of duplicate, manual data entry
  • No timekeeping solution tailored for their needs
  • Lacking integration with QuickBooks for financial statements and revenue tracking
  • Overflowing filing cabinets

Take Off!

  • Created an electronic hiring process allowing remote interviews and hiring
  • Developed an applicant tracking system to manage applicant details and candidate status during the process
  • Designed electronic and paperless onboarding system
  • Bridged Quick Base with QuickBooks using the Q2QConnect tool
  • Eliminated duplicate, manual data entry
  • Docusign implementation for electronic contract execution
  • Say goodbye to the filing cabinets!

Integrating with QuickBooks was a game changer. Paper systems replaced with Docusign for electronic document execution. No more filing cabinets. VARC dedication and level of effort.

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